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Orthopedic Pillow Under the Legs

Anatomic pillow to properly stabilize the legs when sleeping, sitting and lying down is a product addressed especially to people struggling with knee and hip pain or diseases or wanting to introduce preventive practices into their daily habits. It is an ideal solution that in a natural and non-invasive way supports the process of rehabilitation and treatment, helping to maintain correct posture while sleeping, as well as taking various rest positions. The product can be used both as an orthopedic pillow for sitting, sleeping and supporting the roller under the knee. It helps reduce tension and pain and also allows you to sleep properly. The pillow is also a great solution for people leading a sedentary lifestyle, because it has a positive effect on blood circulation in the lower limbs and relaxes tense and sore muscle tissue. In addition, pillowcases made of the highest quality material increase the comfort of use, making the profiled pillow significantly affect comfort during sleep and rest.
The sissel orthopedic pillow is a perfect complement to standard orthopedic pillows in the bedroom, whose main function is to stabilize the upper parts of the spine and thus prevent the formation of bad body posture and slouching. If you are also interested in orthopedic pillows dedicated to other body parts, including orthopedic sleeping pillows, sleeping croissant pillows, sensory motor pillows or pregnancy pillows, we encourage you to check other products in our online store.

Health Benefits of Orthopedic Pillow

The rehabilitation cushion under the legs is a help for people with hip and knee health problems, because it allows you to maintain a neutral, non-invasive posture of the lower body while resting. The stabilization cushion is recommended primarily for people undergoing rehabilitation, patients who have undergone knee or hip surgery and those suffering from chronic pain in the legs, knees and hips. The best leg cushions greatly relieve joints and reduce tension. They also enable healthier sleep and help rest legs sore after a full day, relaxing the tissues and short circuits formed in the muscles. The rehabilitation cushion under the legs can also be used prophylactically, helping with problems with the venous system of the legs. It can be a salvation in the case of thrombosis and phlebitis of the lower extremities.

Execution of a foot pad

The special construction of our orthopedic pillows for sleeping, sitting and lying under the legs and pillowcases guarantees high comfort of use, while effectively fulfilling health and rehabilitation functions. The filling of the pillows is made of flexible foam, whose structure allows you to adjust to the body and support the joints. The resilient construction of the foam interior allows a perfect fit for individual construction. The orthopedic cushion under the legs is designed in such a way as to guarantee the most natural position for the human body, which promotes regeneration and corrects incorrect positioning of the joints.
The leg rehabilitation cushion is coated with microfibre covers, which has a positive effect on comfort during sleep and rest with its use. Microfiber is a material that is also very durable and resistant to damage as well as soft and pleasant to the touch. For this reason, microfiber is widely used in the production of textile products, such as pillows, quilts, blankets and towels. Pillowcases made of microfiber cushions guarantee long-term use without damage, while maintaining their delicate, soft structure, aesthetic appearance and high quality.

How to choose an orthopedic pillow under your feet?

When choosing an orthopedic pillow, in addition to opinions, it is also worth considering individual needs and motives for purchasing this type of product. When choosing the size of an orthopedic pillow, we should first and foremost take into account the anatomical structure of our body, and in this case – its lower parts. The pillow should support the body in the right places and enforce the specific positioning of the limbs. Only a properly selected pillow is able to properly fulfill its function, complement rehabilitation, contribute to the proper regeneration of the body, correct posture and help relieve chronic pain. That is why it is so important to match the type of product to your needs and body build, and if necessary consult a purchase with a specialist.
When considering purchasing products supporting orthopedic treatment and rehabilitation, as well as using preventive practice to prevent and treat chronic pain and abnormal posture, you may also want to consider buying anatomic pillows to support other parts of the body – primarily the spine. In addition to orthopedic pillows for the legs, we also offer orthopedic sleeping pillows, croissant sleeping pillows, sensory motor pillows and pregnancy pillows. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of products for rehabilitation purposes in our online store.

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